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This year’s Islamic Inventions Fairs was held on Friday 21sty March 2014 at the Slough library, 85 High St, Town Centre SL1 1EA, between 10am and 4pm. The exhibitions will take place in the Slough Museum room on the ground floor and also in the Conference room on the top floor. It will be a busy time now for key stage 2 children as they learn about and reproduce models related to the contribution that Muslims made to inventions and discoveries in our Islamic history. Please also support your child at home by going to the library and researching information relating to the project, and also by sending in any resources that may be needed to make the 3D model. We would like the children to come on the day wearing costume that represents what the Muslims wore at the time, so please help in arranging this Insh’allah.

The Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation has developed a unique programme of annual cross-curricular events that are open to the parents and wider public. These events are organised in conjunction with the ethos of the school. This ethos is intended to develop strong and confident Muslim children who can be leaders in their own fields, in the future. We  aim to bring a love of Allah SWT and HIS Deen, and appreciate that everything around us is an amanah to be explored, shared and made use of by halal means. The school also works to highlight the great achievements and developments made by Muslims from our golden heritage, and give ambition to the children to become such pioneers themselves.

We have found the Muslim Inventions Fair to be really exciting, especially now with all the opportunities the internet gives us. Most children know how to use a computer for fun and spend, on an average, five hours a week surfing the net. As a Muslim school, we would like to encourage them to use some of their computer time for learning about their Deen and their heritage; through schoolwork and educational projects.

The Muslim Inventions Fair is an activity that integrates almost every skill or art children have been taught. Children must learn how to apply their existing abilities to new areas, as well as learn many new skills. It can involve reading, logical thinking, writing, grammar and spelling, math, statistics and data analysis, computer science, and graphic arts, public speaking as well as scientific methodology. The Muslim Inventions Fair is also a way for students to demonstrate motivation, self-learning, critical thinking, ethics and other important skills and traits.

Over the last several years, The Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation has held very successful Islamic Inventions Fairs in both branches of Slough and London, where children have researched and made models of Islamic Inventions, discoveries and scientific advancements made from our golden heritage. These were then presented to the parents and the community at an all day exhibition. At the heart of all our events, have been the dedication of our teachers who work tirelessly during the preparation of the event to make sure tat each child works to achieve their potential, as well as securing the love for the creation and miracles of Allah SWT in HIS Creation.


See pictures of some of our events.


Below is a letter of support from the organisation '1001 Inventions':



The students choose an invention/discovery and expand their projects by conducting research, making models and displays, explaining what they have learnt, how it works etc. Topics include ‘Astronomy and the Universe’, ‘Art and Architecture’, ‘Medicine’ and ‘Geography and Agriculture’.


This year we hope to build on this success by inviting local schools to participate in the fair. Our aim is to build bridges with local schools and encourage community cohesion.


Donations raised so far:  £172,387.73

(updated: 10 January 2014)

Target: £500,000


'Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation’ is in desperate need of raising funds up to around £500,000 within a few months. Please, for the sake of our childrens' future especially in countries where Islamic Educational Institutes are sparse, we urge you to donate as little (£1) or as much as you can, every penny counts right now. The children will lose a school otherwise and we a chance to make a difference. May Allah (SWT) Give you ever more reward in this life and the next for this Sadaqa-e-Jariya.

The Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said: “The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his Sadaqah.”   (Ahmad)

Different Ways to Donate:

If you're a UK taxpayer, please add GIFT AID HERE  whenever you make a donation and the charity can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift - that's a donating 25p for every £1 you give.

1. Donate straight into our bank account, online, in a branch or via standing order.

ONLINE:   Set up a standing order or deposit a one off payment into our bank account with Islamic Bank of Britain

Account name: Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation     

Account number: 01066401

Sort code: 30-00-83

IBAN: GB52 LOYD 3096 3401 0241 92  (For international donors)

VIA CHEQUE:  Simply download and complete the Donation Form here and post it in to one of our branches.

VIA CASH:  Simply download and complete the Donation Form here and visit us at one of our branches to donate cash.

2. Text in your Donation: For smaller donations of up to £10 please text ISFA02 £2/ £5/ £10 to 70070. Visit the JustTextGiving site for more information.

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