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The Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation is an educational establishment aimed at providing high quality tarbiyah and education in combination with classical Islamic culturing.First and foremost the foundation aims to develop each child’s Islamic personality in partnership with their parents; who are naturally responsible for their home environment and overall development.In partnership with parents we prepare children for their future life in modern Britain and the Global Village through giving them confidence in their Islamic culture, and respect for other cultures. Secondly the Foundation firmly believes that through nurturing and a positive enjoyable approach to learning; every child can develop, learn and progress.A small teacher to pupil ratio allows the teacher to achieve both a strong Islamic personality and a high level of academic achievement in each child. ISF has two branches (London and Slough). The branches have strong links and work closely together. The staff meet regularly at training sessions and are allocated a ‘partner’ from the other branch.


A Brief History

The Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation Schools are the result of a strong niyyah, dedication, hard work and du’aa. In the late 1990’s several groups of mothers were home schooling their children in small groups across West and North London and Slough. During this time an informal network developed which enabled them to share ideas and develop deep thinking about what it means to educate children in Islam. At the same time we began to study curricula, teaching methods and resources.

The main conclusion is that education is developing the Islamic personality of the child and equipping him/her for the test of living as a Muslim in this world. Islamic education should produce adults who are able to serve the Muslim Ummah through their achievements and carry the mercy of Islam to mankind.

The ethos and beliefs shared by all those involved have been formulated into teaching and learning methods and activities that can provide an alternative education for their children. Central to this belief is that children should be taught in small groups so that they can be nurtured with care. We subscribe to many of the beliefs of ‘Human Scale Education’ as well as a strong emphasis on the benefits of the classical Islamic approach to the development and education of children. As parents from a Home-Schooling background we have also developed a ‘personalised learning’ ethos which allows children to fulfil their individual potential, usually superseding the achievements of their peers in State schools.

As the children got older and the number of groups multiplied a need was felt to provide a centre where children of different ages could attend together. A committee was formed and the decision was taken to form an Independent Islamic Primary school with a unique ethos and two branches. The school registered with DfES in 2002. Since then much more has been achieved including the acquiring of suitable buildings, development of unique curricula and a teacher training programme.

Our greatest success is happy children who love coming to their Islamic school to learn and develop. 

Aims and objectives – The ‘Shakhsiyah Approach’

  1. Developing the Islamic Shakhsiyah (personality) of the child in partnership with parents through an enhanced Islamic environment.
  2. Halaqah [Traditional Oral Teaching] - To build the child’s understands of Islam through traditional oral teaching of the Holistic Islamic Education - Integrating Islam through out the day as well as the integration of subjects through a topic based approach.
  3. Arabic language – Teaching Qur’anic Arabic at a young age in order to establish Bilingualism within the school.
  4.  Fostering a love of learning in each individual child through project based initiatives.
  5. The Muslim Teacher - Developing and delivering a range of Islamic teacher Training, to enable teachers to approach their task from an Islamic basis.
  6. Assessment for the Learner - Through teacher observation and continued assessment an accurate narrative evaluation is produced in order to give an individual picture of the child’s abilities.

Donations raised so far:  £172,387.73

(updated: 10 January 2014)

Target: £500,000


'Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation’ is in desperate need of raising funds up to around £500,000 within a few months. Please, for the sake of our childrens' future especially in countries where Islamic Educational Institutes are sparse, we urge you to donate as little (£1) or as much as you can, every penny counts right now. The children will lose a school otherwise and we a chance to make a difference. May Allah (SWT) Give you ever more reward in this life and the next for this Sadaqa-e-Jariya.

The Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said: “The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his Sadaqah.”   (Ahmad)

Different Ways to Donate:

If you're a UK taxpayer, please add GIFT AID HERE  whenever you make a donation and the charity can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift - that's a donating 25p for every £1 you give.

1. Donate straight into our bank account, online, in a branch or via standing order.

ONLINE:   Set up a standing order or deposit a one off payment into our bank account with Islamic Bank of Britain

Account name: Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation     

Account number: 01066401

Sort code: 30-00-83

IBAN: GB52 LOYD 3096 3401 0241 92  (For international donors)

VIA CHEQUE:  Simply download and complete the Donation Form here and post it in to one of our branches.

VIA CASH:  Simply download and complete the Donation Form here and visit us at one of our branches to donate cash.

2. Text in your Donation: For smaller donations of up to £10 please text ISFA02 £2/ £5/ £10 to 70070. Visit the JustTextGiving site for more information.

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